Sunday, August 30, 2020

My Bio

                 Bob Cammarata

I am a Maryland photographer who specializes in nature in all its forms.
For as long as I can remember, my love for the outdoors has inspired me to capture Nature's beauty and intrigue. 

My primary interests photographically, involve traveling the country, and getting up close and personal with subjects in nature. My travels have taken me to every corner of the U.S. and parts of Canada, but the majority of my photography occurs less than a tank of gas away.

I am an active contributor to Flickr, Bugguide, Moth Photographer's Group, Maryland Biodiversity Project, and other popular wildlife and photography websites.
My photos and articles have been published in books, magazines, business and travel brochures, and many of my landscape photos have been sold as fine art prints. 
My photo "Living on the Edge" achieved global acclaim at the 2014 Photokina Expo in Cologne, Germany.
This Blog was created to share some of my knowledge, exploits and adventures while striving to obtain that "perfect photo".
The title for this Blog, "Things That Don't Shoot Back", is kind of an inside joke on myself. It refers to my usual response when asked why I never shoot people.



  1. Hi Bob, I'm a HUGE smallmouth angler, targeting smallies in the upper Potomac and Susquehanna rivers; would love to know the details behind your Antietam Jig... not for trout but for smallies; sounds like this lure would be dynamite for late winter/early spring fishing for the big girls... any chance I could get a few details on how you made your jig?

    1. Thanks for commenting! Sorry for the late response, but I just noticed it today.
      I use a 3" white reaper tail, threaded onto a 1/16oz pink and white wobbling jig head. It's deadly on trout in MD and beyond.
      I've had success with smallies on the Monocacy with a 1/8 oz head and a larger Zoom minnow tail.